Have you ever thought that you can use an extra room in your home? It can be your private gym, an extra bedroom, guest room or outdoor kitchen. You have extra space, but how can you ensure that the extension is built in compliance with all local codes? How do you get all the necessary documents and permits to have a structure that fits your architecture, is 100% safe and conforms to the best standards? We are here for you!

Home Extension

At Best Renovation we specialize in building extended villa structures in the UAE. We are experts in site visits with all the paperwork, permits and permits required and have a team of qualified professionals to ensure the best results.

Home Extension

* Paperwork

Make sure all the paperwork is done to save time in obtaining the necessary paperwork, permits and approvals from the relevant authorities.

*Developer guidelines

Make sure your project meets developer guidelines to increase your chances of getting the green light (approval) for your new build.

*One approval is not enough

For each new structure you need both; If you need a developer permit or municipal permit, don’t just rely on one permit, it will save you a lot of time and hassle.

*Selected contractor

There are many contractors on the market. So choose carefully. Building a new facility with a certified and more experienced contractor can be worthwhile, and may incur slightly higher costs, but offers safety, quality and protection, as well as advice and warranty service.

Villa Renovation