Remodel vs. renovate

The words ‘renovation’ and ‘remodeling’ are often used interchangeably when it comes to real estate, construction contracts, and interior design. However, for professionals working in one or more of these industries, these terms mean two very different things. The difference between the two is that renovating is restoring something to its previous state, while remodeling is creating something new.


Residential Renovation: What’s it Mean?

As you can see, “renew” in the broadest sense means to repeat, to revitalize. If you apply this definition to the world of home construction, “revitalization” can mean anything from painting and remodeling cabinets to installing new light fixtures to adding different finishes and fixtures.

Bedroom Design

Whatever the task at hand, the original design is never drastically changed. Rather, it is simply updated or revised to meet a new or revised standard. For example, an individual conversion not only makes a room more attractive but also gives it a nice feeling of individuality. When you renovate your kitchen, it adapts better to your lifestyle and gives it a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Minor, cheaper renovations. changing the color of the room or replacing old windows before the house goes on the market greatly increases the chances of a successful resale while providing an excellent return on your investment.


What About Residential Remodeling?

Now, take a moment to re-read the dictionary definition of “remodel,” which means “renovation.” Unlike renovations, which are a “rebirth” of a previous state, a room makeover is a more complete “remodeling”. So whenever you tackle a project that will completely change the layout, texture, and feel of a room, remodel it.

Creating more layout

In other words, they are changing the look and layout of their space, not just updating or improving it. For example, if you want to reconfigure the floor plan of your home, renovate too! For example, you can combine the kitchen with the living room to create a more contemporary and open-plan layout. If so, consider a remodel, not a remodel! If you want to install a kitchen island to create a more functional cooking area, remodel the space as well. If the project involves a drastic transformation of a room that will breathe new life into it by giving it a whole new look, you can bet it’s a makeover, not a renovation!